Department Of Physics

“It is wrong to think that the task of physics is to find out how nature is. Physics concerns what we say about nature.” – Niels Bohr

Achievements :

1. Most of the students are doing higher courses in physics & IT.

2. Some students have entered in to the field of teaching.


1. “A pretty experiment is more valuable than twenty formulas extracted from our mind.” Our well equipped and spacious physics lab makes it true.

2. There are plenty of books & two international Journals in the library to improve the knowledge of students in physics.

3. For doing computational study in physics, separate computers are available in the physics lab.

Vision :

• Help the students to become professionally competent in the field of science.

• Give opportunities to the students to attend seminars, talent tests, interviews etc.

• Increase research aptitude .

• Improve the teaching skills of students by making them present seminars.



Head of the Department

Contact : 9747945828.

Asst. Professor

Contact : 8281188345.

Asst. Professor

Contact : 9496352516.
Mohammed Haneefa

Lab Assistant.

Physics Lab