Goal, Vision & Mission

Goal: To be a life-force in the field of education, to disseminate knowledge, learning and understanding among all students, especially among those students who hail from semi-urban and rural areas, with poor socio economic backgrounds.

Vision: Our guiding principle is predominantly centred on inducing independence of thought and action ,sensitivity to others’ well-being and feelings, learning to respond to new situations in a flexible, creative manner and to build up a just and humane society , upholding national and international values.

Mission: 1. The institution encourages the need to provide quality education that every student truly deserves with the notion that it is not a physical element to be enforced but rather an approach towards awakening the truth each believes in.
2. To pursue knowledge to realms far beyond the pale of human thought.
3. To inspire students to obtain nobility through compassion and truthfulness and to rise in stature in front of God and man.
4. To emancipate students to explore, to discover, to challenge, and to be trail-blazers with discipline and punctuality.

And also to mould students who come to this institution for all parts especially rural areas as global citizens with competence, conscience, compassions and self adjusting to the environments and admirable by everybody naturally and internationally with the co-operation of students themselves, parents, managements& public to achieve the vision